Hello, world! Introducing “The Dead Philosophers’ Guide to New Technology”

If you think Aristotle, Descartes and Sartre had nothing to say about AI or social media, you may want to think again.

Welcome to the blog dedicated to exploring what 3,000 years of philosophical wisdom can tell us about technology, the future, and how to live well in a high-tech world.

With unwavering curiosity (and a dash of good humour) we will explore how the wisdom of the world’s greatest thinkers, from their forays into life’s biggest questions, to their fearless dismantling of basic assumptions about politics, power, and humanity, might help us make sense of our digital age and guide us toward a future we actually want to inhabit.

Our experts will be the great philosophers, but also the brave modern-day historians and researchers who help us to understand them.

Your tour guides will be myself (Dorian) and my co-explorer, Rafael – a technology designer and engineer team on a stubborn quest to unite technology practice with the knowledge in humanities and social sciences that will give it the heart, conscience and soul it will need if it’s to truly “make the world a better place”.

Let the philosophizing begin.


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