Easy Access to philosophy

Philosophy: The Crash Course – Who knew a philosophy could be this bite-sized and so much fun? and yet still excellently true to content. These guys do a smashing job at bring philosophical ideas to life in these PBS-sponsored educational videos.

Project GutenbergFree eBooks in the public domain.  Enjoy the Philosophy Shelf.

The Partially Examined Life – This podcast stands in for a cosy fireside chat with some of your smarter (and most comical) friends on all things philosophical.

Philosophy Bites – In this podcast, join best-selling author and philosopher, Nigel Warburton, as he interviews the world’s biggest philosophers on bite-sized topics.

Philosophize this! – This fascinating and information-rich podcast is the perfect philosophy course on the go. Stephen West does a stellar job at bringing all the major philosophers and their big ideas to life for a general intelligent audience.

On the philosophy of technology

Philosophy of Technology and DesignOnline course lead by eminent Philosophy of Technology Professor, Peter-Paul Verbeek and his colleagues.

Philosophy of Interaction – Professor Dag Svanaes and others introduce philosophical perspectives of technology interaction in these video and text resources provided for free by the Interaction Design Foundation.

Know any other great resources? Do share in comments!


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